Our roots go back to Sacré-Davey Group which was founded in 1986 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Today Sacré-Davey has offices across Canada and the North West and is a trusted multi-disciplinary group of specialized engineering companies providing comprehensive services in all major disciplines and project management. Visit

In 2006 Sacré-Davey Group International was born as the international projects’ arm and soon after in 2007 Sacré-Davey Middle East was established to focus on the Mideast and Africa.

In 2017 both Sacré-Davey Group International and Sacré-Davey Middle East came together under the single brand name SDV Consulting Engineers. Under the new name, the Firm adopted a distinct visual identity and launched a separate website dedicated to the markets they serve.

Affiliated Companies

Group International

A diversified holding, management and incubation company. Group International has leadership roles and interests in a portfolio of businesses including engineering, cleantech, technology and IT security. For more info visit