Oil & Gas

SDV oil & gas engineering team provides Front End Engineering Design (FEED) in EPC projects as well as engineering, detailed design, procurement management and supervision of construction in EPCM projects. Our advisory team provides technical services to the oil & gas facilities in order to increase flexibility, efficiency, reliability and availability of their assets.

Renewable Energy

The intermittent nature of solar, wind and hydraulic requires efficient management between storing mass surplus energy and making it available to the grid or directly to users. Hydrogen is proving to be a flexible and competitive storage solution whereby electricity is converted into hydrogen, stocked and then made available when needed. Our work on hydrogen projects has given us great expertise in this field.

Electrical Power

SDV is a preferred partner for industrial bulk consumers. We work with large energy consumers and provide them with comprehensive suite of engineering services to generate their own power or to seamlessly connect to the grid.  SDV works in greenfield plants as well as in existing facilities expanding their capacities or extending the life of their assets.

Sample Projects